I graduated from Northern Arizona University with degrees in Visual Communications and Advertising in 2014. Since then, I have constantly worked on growing my skills as a graphic designer, but have also added photographer, videographer, motion designer, and a few other hats to my marketing toolbox. Good design should be accessible to everyone and my hope is to build you a consistent brand presence that engages your community. I’ll take the creative lead and let you enjoy being part of a fun and exciting design process! I’m available for freelance work or remote designer positions; my home base is beautiful Albuquerque, NM.

As I dive deeper into design and creative projects, I seek out new perspectives and innovative ideas – and I found the perfect partner under the same roof. My husband Michael offers a unique perspective that is led by science and analytics to help push the boundaries with the smallest of details. He is a Search Engine Optimization expert, but he also handles our Operations so I can focus on the creative process fully.

• Logos and Brand Identity
• Packaging Design
• Social Media & Web Graphics
• Print & Layout Design
• Website Design
• Art Direction
• Advertising
• Photography & Videography
• Social Media Management
• Marketing Strategy
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Lightroom
• Adobe After Effects
• WordPress
• Hootsuite
• Constant Contact
• Facebook Ads
• Google Ads & Analytics
• Best Local Brand
2018 | New Mexico Piñon Coffee

• Silver Hermes Award
2019 | Dayton, OH | Culture Works
2020 | Dayton, OH | The Arcade